Mission & vision

Mission of the company

Our mission is to serve your interests!  The name of the International Mobile Legal Services is selected with purpose. The title includes the word "service", and we mean by it a concept of a high quality service or ministry, serving the interests of others. Our task is to serve for the benefit of our society, to make our society happy!
The primary goal of the International Mobile Legal Services is the formation of the legal community, the spread of moral values, the supremacy of law, protection of the interests of citizens from the perspective of the rule of law and justice!
Also, one of the tasks in conducting legal advice, we see not only tell the laws that govern the solution of the problem, but going deeply into the problem of a person, to help him in such a way as if it was a question of personal interest. To help others as you would do for yourself. There are plans to form a separate hotline where citizens would get psychological help, which will be conducted by the psychologists and the church ministers.

Vision of the company

Our company is called to change the lives of people, to make them happy, satisfied, successful and prosperous! Our company has a great purpose, we have a great destiny! When people are united in a common effort to make the world a better place, we become a powerful force. The force that can change everyone! We are changing the world for the better by making others happy! 
We are called to serve others, to give them the best, to bring them happiness, success and prosperity! By making other people happy, we become happy ourselves! Our mission and our calling is to change the lives of entire countries! To change the destiny of countries is a great calling!
The calling of our company is to change ourselves and to change the world! The awakening begins with ourselves! International Mobile Legal Services - is the service for people! By serving others, we achieve our mission: we are changing the world for the better!